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Cyberpunk Cairo

I had the good fortune to do a lot of traveling during the past three years. A favourite destination is Cairo. By some weird twist of fate I’ve been to Cairo five times. My last visit there had to be cut short due to the Corona virus outbreak. For a while now I’ve been thinking about capturing my experiences in these amazing cities in illustrations and story ideas.

Matthew Kalil’s The Three Wells of Screenwriting provides a great framework for grappling with writing (and creativity) even if you are not a screenwriter. In the book he describes three distinct sources or ‘wells’ that you can access when facing a blank page to create story ideas. The Three Wells are: The External Sources Well, The Imagination Well, and The Memory Well. For a start I’m exploring The Memory Well and The External Sources Well, combining memories of Cairo with Cyberpunk imagery. A great way to open up and explore a new world. I’m sharing some of the early results here.

Concept cover. English translation: Black Fringe and the Cyberpunk Girl from Cairo.

Concept character. Cyberpunk Anubis.

Getting to grips with The Three Wells.